How to get work or an internship at a startup, you wonder?

👋 I'm Krishna Lohia. You can read more about me here.

I could help you with my share of experience. About me- I’m 18, a first-year student currently interning at Wint Wealth, and I got it through a cold email.

But what went right for me to get this internship?I had emailed many Founders/VC firms for an internship but didn’t personalise some of them or didn’t do any background search about the startup.

I thought if I am applying at a startup, I should be well aware of what business the startup does. I narrowed it down to what companies I want to intern at and what I want to learn to help me grow.

I narrowed down the startup list to about 10 companies and sent out cold emails to the founders. 5 didn’t reply, 2 said we would connect in the future, 2 rejected me, and only 1 agreed to chat with me. It was Ajinkya Kulkarni, Co-Founder of Wint Wealth.

This was the mail I wrote to Ajinkya, quite long but wanted to work with him desperately.

Ajinkya spoke to me about my plans, what I do every day, how I heard about the company, and how I became interested in finance and startup. I did one more thing to stand out from the crowd.

I changed my zoom background to a plain background showing my abilities and achievements.