👋 I'm Krishna Lohia. You can read more about me here.

I'm a second year commerce student at KC College, Mumbai. But the truth is I don't attend my online lectures instead I spend my time reading books(I like Non-Fiction), articles/blogs, learning on youtube or somewhere else also I work at an early stage Fintech Startup- Wint Wealth.

I was always amazed by the startup world since I was in school(although I didn't know much it except that Jobs and Gates were the top entrepreneurs). And eventually started studying and reading more about the world of startup.

Then in April 2020 I got on Twitter and it introduced me to the Indian startup ecosystem and I got very interested instantly. That's where I found a community of a bunch of people like me who are very curious and excited about startups. It was end of December where I thought I should go work at a startup to really learn more about it.

I'm currently interning at Wint Wealth an early stage fintech startup backed by investors like Kunal Shah, Nithin Kamath, Pravin Jadhav, etc. I got this internship through a cold email.

At Wint Wealth, I'm working on various different things some key things I did there till now:

I have also done a few side projects as I am exploring No-code.

Feel free to connect on Twitter or LinkedIn.