Do it

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If you are a college student, you might find this worth your time.

After seeing this, a couple of folks reached out to me and said it’s quite cool how I approached for an internship at Fi.

Yesterday, I spoke to someone who told me that he had watched the Kunal Shah video too, where he shares " employer is more likely to hire someone who talks to 200 customers and collate those insights and publish it." And that he never thought someone would actually do it.

This reminded me of mid-2020. Back then, I wanted to break into startups and do something, rather than sit at home and watch TV. So, I joined 2-3 communities and was soaking in all the advice that I got from people to break into startups which was:

However, instead of doing the things mentioned above, I watched videos of Naval, BeerBiceps, Warikoo, etc, scroll through tweets and listen to long hour podcasts.

(Now, it's reading countless blogs and summaries🥲)

After doing this, I used to say to myself that to break into startups, you need to create projects, cold mail people or start something.

But, the next day, I would repeat the same thing. It was an endless loop.

By end of 2020, I realised that all I’m doing is wishful thinking (very pleasing to imagine rather than doing something in reality).

(I still do this but I try to bring myself back to reality.)

I decided to actually apply the insights that all the “thought leaders” talked about. I started researching about startups, cold emailing folks for internships, etc and soon landed a role.

So, what am I trying to say?

If you are in the same place as I was, instead of consuming try to use the insights you find and actually do something. You will at least learn something from the experience, nothing there to lose :)

(Also, this is a note to myself.)

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